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We believe that you can contribute to a better planet through small and smart changes in everyday life. Therefore, we have created a baby nest that will encourage reduced consumption through multifunctionality and extended life. We are also careful with the materials we use.

We only use recycled plastic in our packaging and the product packaging is 100% recyclable. When you buy a product from us, you are involved and contribute to a better world.

Read more about our environmental work below.

MyKiddo Hållbarhet
From cultivation to shop - usually an incredibly long journey

For example, the cotton can be grown in Egypt with artificial fertilizers produced in the United States and then sent to Bangladesh to be spun into thread. The thread is then woven into fabric in Spain and then dyed in Pakistan. Then you sew together a pair of jeans in France before they are sent to Sweden for sale.

To reduce the climate footprint, we at MyKiddo have worked hard to contribute to a more sustainable production chain with less emissions, chemicals and water consumption as well as good social conditions for workers.

What have we done in concrete terms? We have concentrated the cotton cultivation, production of our fabrics, the dyeing of the fabric and the production of the final products to a radius of about 120 miles. Thus, we have reduced transport emissions somewhat enormously as our materials do not have to travel around half the globe before it reaches the end customer. Eco-smart, right?

TENCEL™ & organic cotton = 
the best of two worlds

We have been involved in developing the optimal blend between TENCEL™ fibers and organic cotton in all our baby nest covers. TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers are made from wood pulp and have fantastic properties. TENCEL™ is a trademark of Lenzing AG.

In the next paragraph, we will tell you more about the benefits of TENCEL™ fibers.

MyKiddo Tencel
Why TENCEL™ Lyocell?

1. Support body temperature regulation properties through their moisture management

2. TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers are significantly less unfavorable for bacterial growth compared to Cotton

3. It is more gentle on sensitive skin thanks to a smoother surface in its fibers and a natural breathability.

4. It is biodegradable and the forest cultivators do not require irrigation or chemicals, which is gentle on the environment.

5. TENCEL™ fibers have a longer durability and is more durable than pure cotton thanks to its long fibers.

6. Our baby nest covers consist of about half TENCEL™ Lyocell and half organic cotton.

Only 1% of all the world's cotton is organic. Our cotton belongs to that percentage!

No chemical pesticides or poisons that could contaminate and damage nearby land, water and wildlife are used on the cotton plantations.

2. It creates a healthy working environment for workers in the cotton fields who are not exposed to chemicals. Crop farming prevents dehydration and depletion of the soil.

3. 90% less water consumption compared to regular cotton.

4. Better for children’s sensitive skin.

* source:

All cotton used in our products is organic and certified in accordance with OCS, Organic Content Standard and laboratory tested to ensure that it is organic and not genetically modified.

Ekologisk babynest bomull
Oeko-tex ekologiskt babynest
Oeko-tex klass 1 – the best for your baby

Our smart multifunctional baby nests are of course certified according to OEKO-Tex 100 Class 1 for infants 0-3 years. This means that the product is laboratory tested by an independent party to ensure that it does not contain any dangerous or toxic substances that could be harmful to your child. The journey to get an entire baby nest certified is tough as every small part (thread, zippers, strings, etc.) must be laboratory tested. We have worked hard to get this certification so that you as a parent can feel safe with our products.

Our certification number is 25.3.0210

Want to know more about what certification means? Visit

Re:used – maximal #environmentalluxury

A growing problem around the world is fabric that has been produced but then not sewn into a product. Fabrics remain in stock when no one wants it anymore. These fabrics have already made their impact on the environment but then not been used. We want to change this! That’s why we sew our maternity pillowcases in 100% rescued fabric. In our first collection, we found already-produced fabric in 100% lyocell, produced in Italy. With this fabric, we have not burdened the environment with new fabric production, but use leftover leftover fabrics.

Ekologiskt babynest

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