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Smart functions

  • A baby nest from MyKiddo is a practical, multifunctional and environmentally friendly.
  • More than 8 different uses thanks to its smart design.
  • All parts can be washed separately, both mattress & outer edge covers.
  • Materials such as organic cotton & Tencel ™ give the baby nest a cool and hygienic surface.
  • No loose strings or handles that the child can get caught in.
  • Smart zippers all around that allow you to transform the baby nest into a sow form, roll stop, lying breastfeeding nest and more.
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With well-thought-out covers, you only need to wash the part of the baby nest that has become dirty. Washcloth patches are on each part of the product. Feel free to read more about how to best take care of your baby nest under advice and recommendations.

The baby nest’s cover is a blend of organic cotton (55%) & Tencel ™ (45%). This blend provides amazing properties that you can read more about under environment. We use only the best materials for your child and our planet.

We think about the environment and human rights. That is why it is important for us that our products are produced within the EU. We only want to produce products with good and controlled working conditions. We are also working on agenda 2030.

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8 functions in 1


We at MyKiddo have managed to create a baby nest with a lifespan of up to 7 years, thanks to its incredible construction and environmentally conscious design. A Swedish innovation that will promote reduced consumption be smart and practical for both parents, children and our planet. Check out all the uses in the video below.

Smart Babynest, Ekologisk bomull, Tencel, 8 funktioner i 1 produkt

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Hållbart & ekologiskt

Sustainable &
environmentally friendly

Svensk produkt

Swedish product

Enkel tvätt

Easy wash



Byt överdrag enkelt



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