About MyKiddo

MyKiddo is a Swedish brand developed by parents for other parents. Our vision is to create well-thought-out, practical and environmentally friendly children’s products that are developed with both the baby and our planet in focus.

MyKiddo - How everything started

How did everything start?

It all started when I was expecting our first child. I was looking for a baby nest that would be both practical and kind to the environment. It would be easy to wash, have good environmental certifications and be made of the best materials for both a newborn baby and for our planet. The baby nest I found was either too small, too soft, impractical, difficult to wash, no good materials, short life, unstable and had traveled across the globe several times, often in product packaging made of plastic.

And considering how all baby nests are constructed, I was also afraid that the child would risk pulling the blanket or blanket over his face and suffocating. When I did not find what I was looking for, I had to try to create it myself.
I then took out my mother’s old sewing machine, which became my best friend for years to come.

4 years & 26 prototypes later.

Developing and developing our first product has taken time. More specifically, just over 4 years from idea sketch to having our first collection on the warehouse shelf. Lots of drawings, prototypes, adjustments, trade fair visits, supplier visits, new prototypes, material selection, certifications, financing, lead times, change of suppliers, packaging has been produced, etc. Then of course we have tested each prototype on both our children. And the children of our friends. To then be adjusted again.

But now we are finally done. And proud.

We are excited and happy to let other parents take part in the first product – The Smart Babynest – a multifunctional and environmentally smart baby nest that is kind to both your baby and our planet. Listen to our founder Linda Nordgren below.

Linda Grundare MyKiddo Babynest
Babynest, Ekologisk bomull, Tencel, Oeko-tex
Presentation from our founder Linda Nordgren

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