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1. A closed babynest fits the newborn baby perfectly. Pull the strings and adjust the size to make the babynest nice and cozy and create the feeling, just like in the mother’s womb. 

Smartness: When you have tightened the strings, our babynest enables you to hide the loose strings into the cylinder zippers. We don’t want any loose strings close to your baby.

Environmental Smartness: The entire babynest covers is made out of certified Tencel and Organic Cotton. It has been OEKO-Tex Class 1 Certified. This is the only babynest in the world with this unique combination. The absolutely best materials for both your child and our planet. Read more about our materials here.

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2. As your baby grows and needs more space in the babynest, you can easily untie the strings at the footend and make the babynest bigger. This allows the babynest to continue being a safe and cozy place for the baby.

Smartness: By being size adjustable, we give the babynest a longer lifespan. This is a great thing for the environment since it reduces consumption and negative environmental effects. At the same time you continue to give your baby the same safety and comfort.

Environmental smartness: You can easily change all the covers, both the bottom and the sleeping snake cover. This makes the product easier to wash, and also gives you an opportunity to have one or more extra covers – maybe in different colors, whatever you prefer. See our different covers here

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3. When your child no longer needs their babynest, The Smart Babynest enters its new life phase – exactly like your baby. By detaching the outer cylinder you create a new product: In Sweden we call it a “Sleeping snake”, a great sleeping bumper. This can easily be placed in the baby crib.

Baby Smartness: The scent and safety from the babynest follows the baby to its new sleeping area. This makes the sleeping transition much easier – a great thing for both parents and their baby.

Environmental Smartness: This multi-functionality is absolutly amazing for the environment. Instead of buying a new Sleeping Snake, you save both money and all the Co2 emissions and negative environmental effects it takes to produce a new product. We like to contribute to real sustainability.

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4. When the child is too big for their crib, a larger bed can feel a bit scary. Therefore, you can easily bring the sleeping snake to the baby’s new bed. The scent and security continue to join the child for many years to come and fits perfectly along the head edge in a junior bed.

Smartness: The child moves on to a bigger bed, with the same feeling of comfort with the sleeping snake. Since it is 2 meters long it easily fits all types of beds.  Once again, great for both your child and the environment. Multi-functionality at its best. 

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5. When the child is bigger and needs a regular bed, many people forget that the child still has a great need to feel safe. Maybe it’s a brand new big room, a new big bed, maybe new sleeping routine? Bring the sleeping snake to this bed and make the child feel safe
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6. Why stand and push pillows or duvets under the mattress if the child has fallen asleep in the adult bed? Place the sleeping snake under the mattress and you have a roll over stop. It is the same length as a standard bed (2m). When the sleeping snake is placed along the bed mattress, an elevated small embankment is created, which makes it more difficult for the child to roll out of bed. A security for both you and your child. It’s not only practical, but kind of neat too.

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7. The disconnected cylinder can also be used to support you and the child during the meal. In both breastfeeding or bottle feeding, the snake provides a support that simplifies the cozy eating time.


8. Breastfeeding in our babynest is easy. Pull up the zippers to the height you think feels the most comfortable. You will get close to the baby and you get a more ergonomically suited position for your body. If for example breast milk is spilled, it is very easy to wash the cover as they are removable. You don’t have to wash the whole babynest. You can also have another set of covers, which means that you and your baby never have to be without your babynest.