Smart Bedding™

The Smart Babynest

Smart bedding to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome

Do you choose to use a blanket in your baby nest?

Thanks to the unique construction in our smart babynest, you can reduce the risk of the baby getting the blanket over its face.

Many parents worry that the child may be suffocated by a blanket that ends up over the baby’s face. By zipping up the sides of your smart babynest, you can place the blanket under the edges of the outer cylinder. This should make it harder for your baby to get its airways covered by the blanket, as the sides of the outer edge make it harder for the blanket to move up towards the face. This is a completely unique design that we at MyKiddo are very proud of!

The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare’s website contains national advice and recommendations regarding infancy. Also on you can read more about sudden infant death and how to reduce the risks.

You should not leave your child unattended in their Babynest at any time.

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91% of all parents of newborn use a blanket in their babynest.

For us, it was important to develop a function that makes it more difficult for the blanket to end up over the child’s face. An extremely important function that will reduce the risk of sudden infant death caused by covered airways. This function was invented by own fears and anxiety from the developers of the babynest.

You should not leave your child unattended in their babynest at any time.

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