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MyKiddo Smart Babynest is a multifunctional babynest that follows you from early pregnancy until the child is 6-7 years old.  You can first use this babynest as a pregnancy pillow, then as an adjustable babynest that can be opened up at the bottom as your baby grows. Finally, you can disconnect the outer cylinder and use the product as a sleeping snake or roller stop. During the whole time your detached cylinder can be used as a breast feeding support.

The entire outer shell is made out of certified Organic Cotton & Tencel. This gives the best comfort for both you and your baby. At the same time these materials are an environmentally friendly choice for our planet. 

It is also possible to use the babynest as nursing bed.

The babynest comes in five different colors and you can easily wash and change covers on both the cylinder and also the mattress. You can buy extra covers in different colors.

Some of our benefits:

– The babynest has a smart design. Some of the many functions is that you can easily change covers, give comfortable breastfeeding both while laying down and in an upright position, and that all the loose strings easily can be hidden in the smart zippers.

 -Unique bedding option (Smart Bedding) to make it more difficult for the blanket to end up covering the baby’s face.  This reduces the risk of sudden infant death.

 – Grows with the child, opens at the bottom

 – World-unique mix of certified Tencel & Organic Cotton

 – Minimalist Scandinavian design that easily fits into your home

 – Detachable covers which makes it very easy to wash the fabrics separately

–  Opportunity to buy more covers separately in other colors


Outer material: Certified Tencel & Organic certified cotton

Inner material: 100% polyester

The whole product is Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1 certified (highest standard for infants)


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