Advice & recommendations

Washing instructions

Washing instructions for each part of the baby nest are on the product. We at MyKiddo care about the environment, therefore we advise you to wash the washable parts at low degrees. Ventilation of the product usually goes a long way, but if the product needs to be washed, you should follow the advice that comes with the product.

Feel free to wash the fabrics in a laundry bag, this is to save the fabrics as much as possible from wear and tear. Parts with zippers must always be washed in a washing bag so as not to damage the zipper, the washing machine and other products in the washing machine.

We recommend that you wash the baby nest cover before use. Always allow the fabric or product to dry completely before use.

The padded cylinder can be washed in a washing machine. Follow the washing instructions on the product.

The foam mattress base can be rinsed in cold water. Allow the plant to dry to maintain its shape.

Advice and recommendations BABYNEST

Click here to read the National Board of Health and Welfare’s advice before using the baby nest from Mykiddo.

The baby nest may only be used in adult supervision. Never leave the baby alone in the baby nest.

The baby is placed with his feet at the openable part of the baby nest (foot end) and the head at the whole side (head end). The child must not be placed with the head at the foot end.

The baby should lie on its back in the baby nest.

The baby nest should lie on a flat surface, preferably on the floor to avoid accidents. When using a baby nest in a bed or sofa, the child must always be supervised by an adult, and the baby nest must be placed far from the edges.

Adjust the size of the baby nest by pulling on the string. Pull the string out to the mark on the string, which is 20 centimeters. After pulling the string together, it should always be tucked into the cover in the zipper at the end of the baby nest. The string must not hang loose outside the baby nest.

– Do not carry the baby in the baby nest.
– The baby nest can be used from 0 months.

Take care of your baby nest.

– Do not fold the baby nest and when storing, the baby nest should be stored lying down, not standing as it may lose its shape.

– Air the baby nest often. Airing the baby nest saves on the environment as it does not need to be washed as often.

Always be careful when using the zippers in Mykiddo products. Being careful with the product also gives it a longer lifespan – for the sake of the environment. (damage to the zipper counts as normal wear)

You can use Mykiddo’s Smart Baby Nest as:

– Babynest
– Pregnant pillow
– Breastfeeding pillow / breastfeeding support / bottle food pillow
– Breastfeeding nest
– Sovorm
– “Roll stop”
– Neck training place
– Base for changing nappies or clothes

The baby nest and all uses are easy to take with you on your trip. This is so that the baby or child will recognize themselves and have a safe environment. We chose to save on the environment and not make a so-called “travel bag” in plastic for the baby nest. When unpacking / traveling, put the baby nest in a duvet cover and protect it from dirt. The baby nest weighs about 1.5 kilos.

Advice and recommendations PREGNANCY PILLOW

You can disconnect the cylinder around the baby nest and use it as a pregnancy pillow. With the pregnancy pillow, you can find relieving and comfortable positions when you rest / sleep.

Feel free to ventilate the entire pregnancy pillow if necessary. Ventilation refreshes the product and can in this way save on a wash – for the sake of the environment.

The inner cylinder from the baby nest will absorb the scent from the mother / parent. Therefore, try not to wash the inner cylinder too much. In this way, your baby will recognize the scent from you.

The pregnancy pillow can of course also be used as a breastfeeding pillow or bottle pillow if desired. Either you spin the snake around your body or fold it twice, what suits you best for the moment. If the child falls asleep, the child should be moved to a suitable sleeping place (eg cot, basin, moss basket). Do not let the baby sleep on the pregnant / breastfeeding / bottle cushion.

Advice and recommendations SOVORM/Bumper

The cylinder around the baby nest is easily disconnected to become a soform that can be used in a crib or junior bed. In this way, the product has accompanied the child since he was a child. This can be a great security for the child.

The sleeping worm can be used in the bed from about 1 year of age or from when the child is ready to sleep with a sleeping worm in the bed.

The sleeping snake should be laid with the zippers downwards against the mattress in the bed. Make sure the strings are retracted on both sides.

Advice and recommendations ROLL-OVER STOP

The cylinder around the baby nest is easily disconnected and can be used as a simpler roller stop in the bed. See product video to find information on how to place it.

The roll stop does not guarantee that the child does not roll out the bed, but is only there to give the child a mark for where the bed edge is.

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